Introducing: Two Sides of FI!

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As I referenced in my last post, I’ve been eagerly anticipating the day where I could discuss the project that my good friend Eric and I have been working on. That day is finally here! I’m happy to share a short trailer for our new YouTube channel, Two Sides of FI.

Trailer for the Two Sides of FI YouTube channel

It’s now been about two months since Eric and I started working in earnest on this endeavor, based on an idea we came up with last fall. If you saw my earlier post about the Choose FI livestream, you’ll remember Eric. We’ve known each other since middle school – nearly 35 years at this point, and it’s our belief that this will enable us to be super candid with each other, and by extension our viewers. Our stated goal is that this will yield conversations that go beyond the commonly discussed FIRE advice – others cover that content well already. Rather, we believe that this approach, coupled with our different life paths and our respective journeys to achieve FI, will be something unique. As you’ll learn, Eric is several years away from FI, and I left the workplace last June.

While this is only a trailer, I’m hopeful that the video coupled with this post helps to project our intentions. We’ll be posting full episodes in the coming weeks, and look forward to sharing those with you. In the meantime, thank you for watching this brief introduction! My apologies for the lower fidelity AV in some of my footage – that’s on me. We’ve worked that out now, and you’ll see the improvements in segments of this trailer. The keen-eyed will also note that you can readily track our timeline by my ever-changing hair. ?

If you’d like to ensure you’re notified of any new Two Sides of FI episodes, please consider hitting the “Subscribe” button on our YouTube Channel page; also found next to the description box beneath the video itself. Eric and I welcome any feedback on topics you’d like to see us cover on the channel. Please feel free to leave comments on this post or in the comments section on the YouTube video. Thanks!

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