“we mock what we don’t understand”

Spies Like Us, while not an amazing movie, is an underrated comedy in my opinion. I think Austin Milbarge said a lot with that quote.

Hi, I’m Jason and this is my blog. Assuredly the content, tone, and pretty much everything about this site will evolve over time. For now, it’s a writing jumping off point for your humble author, one who has recently left his chosen career of 23 years in biotechnology. I departed that field to enter what I term the next phase of my life. Most would describe this move as early retirement but in all honesty, I’m not yet sure what will come next for me. This blog will track that journey, and I will share some of the practices, concepts, and approaches that allowed me to arrive at this place. I hope I can answer questions you might have about my own path and how it might be applicable to your own situation. Topics covered include financial independence, best practices to support an early retirement, career coaching, and a host of related information.

Thanks so much for stopping by. I look forward to your involvement with our community here at the next phase is NOW! I hope that you find the content here relevant and perhaps even entertaining. Please comment on posts or send me a note anytime. Be well and take care.